Artist: J. Martin (JU$THU$TLE)
Song: MerryBXmas Freestyle
Beat: @DayDayP

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In the giving spirit since it’s Xmas, dropping a new song at 4:20pm west coast time. Artwork by ME, J.Martin of course. Light ya XXXmas Trees up!! #MerryBXmas

In the giving spirit since it’s Xmas, dropping a new song at 4:20pm west coast time. Artwork by ME, J.Martin of course. Light ya XXXmas Trees up!! #MerryBXmas


GD 75 | Mobile App Design | Final Project: CarMA App

These are some images of the mobile app I had to do for my final. This app initially evolved from my idea for a “car locator” app that I named “Dude, Where’s My Car?”. DWMC was a totally different looking app design that I submitted for my GD 75 midterm. After I presented the DWMC app design, my Professor had the class vote on the 6 best App designs, and mines was one of the 6 selected. From there the Professor broke us up into 6 teams of 4 with assigned team roles and the goal of creating a Hi-Fidelity prototype version of our App for our Final presentation. I was named Team Leader of my group as well as Prototype Lead. We had to create a Team Blog to detail our creative process of developing the Final Prototype. Check it out, !!! Unfortunately, we had to change the app name due to another “Car Locator” app using the same name, so hence the name “CarMA” (short for Car Mobile Assistance) was created. I gotta chance to work with some cool people on my team who contributed some dope ideas. I came up with the logo and the dashboard navigation design. My team worked on the Map, and Walk-Thru screens, as well as assist with various visual design elements. Thank God the Fall Semester is over!!! We worked super hard on this and were rewarded with an “A” on the Final. I finished with an “A” overall in the class, who knew I was good at Mobile App Design?

Try out the CarMA prototype!!


Check out the CarMA Mobile App Presentation on Prezi!!


GD 71 | Motion Graphics I | Music Video Final Project

For my final project in my Motion Graphics I class our instructor wanted us to create a music video in Adobe After Effects that was between 60 secs to 120 secs showcasing what we’ve learned during the semester. Since I’m also taking an audio engineering class as well I figured that I could kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone by creating a video for one of my songs. I recorded this song back in November at the crib in the home studio. Most of my after effects projects have showcased my use of the Puppet Tool, so I chose to illustrate images of myself in Adobe Illustrator and then import them into After Effects and animate them w/ the Puppet Tool. I even illustrated an image of one of my baby pictures, lol. The song is called #Ju$tHavingFunWitIt, so I just wanted to animate lyrics from the song to highlight my lyrical ability as well as show that “I’m just having fun wit it”. The video is a light hearted take on my song with some cool visuals done in a 3D environment in AE. It’s a cool promotional visual for the song, which you can DOWNLOAD for FREE below.

Music By: J. Martin

Song: #Ju$tHavingFunWitIt

Beat By: Young Ced


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Artwork that I designed for my new song #Ju$tHavingFunWitIt.
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Music Video:

GD75 | Mobile App Design | Final Project - CarMA App Promo Video

This is a promotional video I did in Adobe After Effects for an App design that me and my team worked on. The app is named CarMA short for Car Mobile Assistance and was part of a group project that I was made team leader of. Our app is for people who forget where they parked at and want to be reminded of it. We have to do an in-class presentation utilizing for our final as well as show how our hi-fidelity prototype version of the app works. This video is part of our Prezi presentation and illustrates the problem that our app provides the solution for. 


Artist: Drake

Song: Hold On, Where Going Home - Instrumental track


This is a song I recorded last month vibing out in the crib. My inspiration for the lyrics came from this mellow ass beat and good ass ku$h from the VC collective (Gotta luv LA, huh!?). #Ju$tHavingFunWitIt is my overall outlook towards music, art, school, and life in general for 2014. Roll up sumthin’ n’ press play. If you dig it, you can D/L the mp3 for FREE from my soundcloud page.

Also check out my animated video to this song:

GD 71 | Project 4 | 3D World Traveler

I had to create an intro to Samantha Brown’s show “World Traveler” on the Travel Channel for my Motion Graphics I class. Everything had to be constructed in a 3D environment in After Effects for this project. I googled some images of Samantha Brown and recreated a digital illustration of her that I could animate in After Effects using the Puppet Tool. I created a rotating globe in After Effects using the CC Sphere effect preset and have it rotating on another digital illustration of a Globe stand that I created. Using the Camera and Light layers I was able to create my 3D environment for the beginning part of my Intro. Then once the camera zooms in to the Title I transitioned it to another scene of a Sam Brown animation in Time Square trying to hail a cab, then the camera zooms in and pans out to show a map of the world and different landmark images that I photoshopped before showing the final Title text. I still need to work on my camera movements and photoshop work, but it came out looking pretty cool. I wanted to incorporate more 3D looking clouds instead of just the flat ones I used, but due to time constraints I didn’t get a chance to. We were allowed to choose our own music, so I used an instrumental from a producer that I worked with before.

GD 75 | Mobile Design | Fall Semester 2013

My “Dude Where’s My Car” app design was selected as one of the mobile apps my class will be working on for our Final. The only thing is there is already a car locator app named DWMC, so my Professor suggested that I change the name before moving forward. Me and the team I’m leading decided on CarMA (pronounced Karma), short for Car Mobile Assistance. For the Visual Design aspect of our Team project we all had to design an icon and 2-3 app screens to get a sense of look and feel for the app. I pretty much had to trash my midterm project and start from scratch. This is my new logo design concept and app screen layout. My team, the Mobile Moguls agreed we’d use a flat design pattern and colors.

GD 71 | Project 3 | Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival Commercial

This is the midterm project I had to do for my Motion Graphics I class. We had to create a 30 second commercial for the Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival. The commercial had to be eye-catching and contain all the necessary info my Instructor wanted us to include at the end. We also had the freedom to choose our own music to use in the commercial, but it had to be appropriate for the theme of the ad. I went with Lupe’s “Around My Way” instrumental, because of the old CL Smooth & Pete Rock “T.R.O.Y.” reference, which I know is an even older Jazz loop or sample. The theme of my commercial for the Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival is a vector animation of a Jazz record cover moving around while the record came out of the sleeve jacket and began to play on the antique record player. For this project I tried to utilize more of the 3D effects, Light and Camera layers in Adobe After Effects CS5. The middle scene is silhouettes of Jazz musicians I made in Illustrator and then imported into After Effects to animate using the Puppet Tool. I found some grunge backgrounds and made a 3D environment as the backdrop for the silhouettes. Then I just used the blur effect and a few effects on the text for the photo gallery scene. Finally I ended it with the required info on top of an image of where the event will be taking place.